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This visually stunning grip incorporates our most aggressive texture and is well suited for serious shooter who demand a slip free grip.

Grey Black

    • CNC Machined
    • Billet G10
    • Built to Order
    • Fully De-horned
    • Fully Customizable
      • Ambi Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Thumb Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Modified Texture (On Request)
      • Covered Plunger (On Request, Standard Thickness Only)
      • Variety of Colors (Custom Colors on Request, Please Contact)
      • Medallions on Request (15$ surcharge, Please Contact)
      • Other Modfications? (Please Contact)
  • Should anything not be to your satisfaction, you can return or exchange the item within 14 days of receipt.  



    Returns/Exchanges will fall into the following categories



    1. Stoner CNC Error- Cosmetic or Function. Stoner CNC to Incur Cost

    • Example 1 - Sent wrong grips
    • Example 2 - Inverse layering


    2. Customer Error- Cosmetic or Function - $10 restocking fee

    • Example 1 - Ordered wrong grips
    • Example 2 - Wants different color


    3. Cosmetic Variance: Stoner CNC is the industry leader in G10 layer quality and machines grips to the highest standards in the industry. Decisions in this regard will be at our discretion and will typically fall into category 1 or 2.   


    4. Other – We aim to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and if something falls outside these guidelines, Let Us Know! And will do our best to work with you and your specific needs!

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