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 Our Story  

Stoner CNC is a family owned, state of the art machine shop. Primary members include Matt and Dale Stoner and we specialize in machining components for the Firearm, Knife and Cell Phone Industry. We occasionally do other complex machining such as mold work to keep us on our toes! Check out our blog for other projects!

Hi, my name is Matt Stoner and I believe in making products I myself am passionate about! 


I have been a firearm enthusiast for most of my life as well as an aspiring machinist since I could see over a Bridgeport.


Formally trained as a mechanical engineer; I found myself in a unique position to follow my dreams in 2009 with the collapse of the automotive sector. I haven’t looked back since. 



I believe both my passion for firearms and machining allows customers to receive high quality grips at an affordable price. We are also proud to say all grips are made in the USA on American made CNC equipment with American supplied material.



Hi, my name is Dale Stoner my primary passions include machining and motorcycles. I've been involved with both for most of my life. From being a professional mechanic in the 70's, to machining reproduction airplane motors in the 90s, and most recently making reproduction motorcycle cylinders used on Cannonball runs! 


In the summer of 2015 I decided to retire from the tool and die industry and combine efforts with my son. It’s been an exciting journey so far and I am enthusiastic about where the future will take us. 


If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or would simply like to learn a little bit more about me check out the attached video.



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