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The Slash and Burn pattern provides the perfect grips and is sure to dress up your favorite pistol.  These grips will fit Rock Island High Caps, TCMs OR Para P14-45, Para P16-40 & Para P18-9MM depending on the options selected. Very early first generation models may require some hand fitting. They are fully CNC machined out of a billet G10. If your not familiar with the material its roughly 10% heavier than carbon fiber and nearly as strong as 6061 aluminum but its much more resistant to wear and tear. Simply put its the most durable material available for handgun grips and the only one that can provide this look.  The grips are exceptionally thin! Only 1/8" at the bolt holes and 1/16" at the front strap with the bulk of the material wrapping around flush to the main spring housing and trigger tab. 


TCM double stacks have 2 different options.  Gen 1 and Gen 2...If your serial number is 10K and below you will want GEN 1 TCM Grips....If your serial number is above 10K please select Gen 2.

* CNC Machined

* Built to Order

* Fully De-horned

Brown Black Double Stack


    • CNC Machined
    • Billet G10
    • Built to Order
    • Fully De-horned
    • Customizable
      • Modified Texture (On Request)
      • Custom Colors (On Request)
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