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Grip Guide 

Our Grips will fit nearly all Mil-Spec 1911's this includes Colts, Kimbers, Rugers, Rock Islands, Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer and many more.


1911's are fully customizable most of the time the drop down menu on the checkout will cover the options most customers need. However 1911 enthusiast often want things done a very specific way! And we try to be accommodating of this where ever possible.


1911 - Frame


Key differences on the frame are as follows:


Full Size 1911 - Industry Standard


Compact 1911 - Shorter Frame, Requires Shorter Grip


Springfield EMP - Slightly Smaller than a Compact 1911. Stoner CNC compact grips are interchangeable but we recommend SLIM LINE GRIPS as they come with slimline hardware from the factory. 


Taurus PT1911 - Cut wider, Cut slightly taller, Grips are .240" thick to accommodate Taurus hardware, no slimline grips available at this time.



SIG GSG 1911 - Uses Metric Hardware, No Slim Line Option as a result of metric hardware, Modified Ambi Notch


Full Size, Bolt Hole Spacing 3-1/16


Compact 2 - 11/16" Bolt Hole Spacing


Compact and EMP grips are interchangable

JP7K2158 (2)

Specifically for PT1911



Full Size:


Standard Bevel


188 Magwell


Round Butt



Standard Bevel


188 Magwell




Standard Bevel


188 Magwell


PT 1911


Standard Bevel


188 Magwell (may require magwell fitting)




Standard Bevel


188 Magwell


1911 - Thickness

Approximate Thickness for 1911 Grips: 


Standard Thickness  = .270 at bolt holes

Slim Line Thickness = .190 at bolt holes


PT1911 Thickness = .240 required for Taurus

EMP - We recommend slim line hardware.  

SIG GSG - Standard thickness only due to lack of metric hardware


*For customers with large hands or who want a hybrid grip we will go up to .030" thicker upon request, you may have to use o-rings for flush bolt holes



1911 - Bottom Cut Options


Standard Bevel




Wilson 188 Magwell


Bob Tail


Round Butt

Standard Bevel - Used on most guns, Notched MSP with beveled edge


Magwell - Used on most guns with magwells


Wilson 188 Magwell - Used on guns with Wilson Combat Clip on magwells. Wilson Combat part number 188


Bobtail- Required on some Dan Wesson, Ed Brown, Guncrafter Industries and other custom pistols


Round Butt - Required on some S&W E-Series, SIG Nightmare and Kimber Super Carry Pro Pistols


*There's a couple uncommon options we can also do upon request



1911 - Thumb Notch


With Thumb Notch


Without Thumb Notch

Thumb Notches allow improved access to the magazine release and come standard on all 1911 grips. However we can leave this feature out should you want your grips made that way.


*For left handed shooters we can move the thumb notch to the other side. For this to function correctly you also need to install a Smith and Alexander ambidextrous mag release.

1911 - Ambi

Our grips come standard for Ambidextrous (Ambi) Safeties as they are common on most of today's pistols and having this option allows interchangeability between nearly all pistols. 

However some 1911 enthusiast do not like this feature so if you don't want this feature we will be happy to leave it out for you. Please make sure your pistol is compatible with this and leave a note to seller on the checkout page.


1911 - Texture

G10 is unique in that the texture of the grips can be modified. Grips can be cut sharper or smoother while maintaining the same overall look, this is true for nearly all grips. 

There are some limitations on what's possible here but upon request I will go slightly more aggressive or slightly smoother.






1911 - Medallions

We install medallion for a $15 fee on all of our grips. Guidelines are as follows: 


- We need the medallions mailed to us with return information 

- They should be smaller than 5/8" diameter and round  






1911 - Custom Colors

We can sometimes accommodate custom colors, if you want something not listed please contact us and we may have it.





1911 - Other Modifications?

Every now and then a someone needs something that is not listed, if that's the case just ask!



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