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  • Fits Model B & C 357 Automatic Magnum
  • G10 Material - Conceal Carry - American Made
  • Does Not Fit Coonan Model A
  • Other colors available upon request.


The Coonan 357 is exceedingly rare compared to other 1911's. These grips Fits Model B & C 357 Automatic Magnum. The material is called G10 and its one of the best materials for handgun grips and the only one that can provide this look. It is much tougher than wood or acrylic... it won't absorb moisture and doesn't scratch very easy. The material is tough as nails and will last normal shooters a life time. They are CNC Machined for Quality and American Made. DOES NOT FIT MODEL A.  Coonan takes standard 1911 bolts and bushings so the grips can be done in slim line thickness if you change out the hardware.

Blue Black Conceal Carry

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