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  • Ambi and Non Ambi Grips Available
  • Designed for Kimber Micro Carry 9 (9mm) OR 380 ACP Kimber Micro Carry Model ONLY
  • G10 Material - Starburst - CNC Machined for Quality - American Made
  • **Please select the safety option that matches your pistol**

Key Features: - American Made, Material G10; Strong and Durable, Visually Appealing & CNC Machined for Quality. Kimber Starburst G10 Grips. The starburst grips are certainly one of most visually stunning grip. Strict attention is given to the layering to insure the best possible look. Texture is light-medium. Grips have been dehorned on top and bottom edges. Made in USA. They are CNC machined to exact tolerances from a material called G10. Which is one of the very best materials for hand gun grips, its about 10% heavier than carbon fiber and nearly as strong as 6061 alumi