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  • Made of high durability G10 - Cross Hatch Texture
  • Brand New for the Ruger 22/45 Lite IV (4th Generation)
  • Thumb Notch Standard
  • Fully De-horned - CNC Machined
  • DO NOT FIT MK 2, MK 3 or the 22/45 Lite Generation 3
  • Email us for other color options


Key Features: G10 Material - Cross Hatch, Thumb Notch Standard, Fully De-horned - CNC Machined. The Cross Hatch designed provides an medium-aggressive texture.  They are made on a CNC mill out of a material called G10, which is one of the best materials for handgun grips and the only one that can provide this specific look. Its much tougher than wood or acrylic. It won't absorb moisture and doesn't scratch very easily. The material is tough as nails and will last normal shooters a life time. These grips are compatible with the factory hardware. These grips fit the brand new 4th Generation Ruger 22/45 Lite Rimfire Pistol. These grips DO NOT FIT MK 2, MK 3 or the 22/45 Lite Generation 3...Designed for the 4th Generation only.

Blue Black Cross Hatch

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