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The Coonan is a fairly easy gun to do custom work because of the width of grips permits large engravings and cut outs. The pistol is one of my personal favorites as a such I enjoy doing custom work for it.

Coonan's Custom

    • CNC Machined
    • Billet G10
    • Built to Order
    • Fully De-horned
    • Fully Customizable
      • Ambi Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Thumb Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Vareity of Colors (Custom Colors on Request)
      • Covered Plunger on Request (Standard Thickness Only)
      • Medaliaons on Request (15$ surcharge, Please Contact Us)
      • Modified Texture (On Request)
      • Other??? If it can be done we probably have the CAD work. 
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