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This visually stunning grip incorporates a mild texture and is well suited for most uses. The G10 layering on this particular grip (Mil Spec Camo) is more complex the most and the grips will either come out with a green or black layer on top depending on the thickness of grip and sheet of G10.

Mil Spec Camo Starburst

    • CNC Machined
    • Billet G10
    • Built to Order
    • Fully De-horned
    • Fully Customizable
      • Ambi Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Thumb Notch Standard (Will leave out on Request)
      • Modified Texture (On Request)
      • Covered Plunger (On Request, Standard Thickness Only)
      • Variety of Colors (Custom Colors on Request, Please Contact)
      • Medallions on Request (15$ surcharge, Please Contact)
      • Other Modfications? (Please Contact)
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