Tactical Eclipse design perfected for the Springfield Armory 9MM & .40SW EMP 4" Lightweight Champion and Concealed Carry Contour Barrel Gun AND EMP 3" Compact Gun. The design has a medium texture with a little bit more grip on the front edge than the back. The grips are well suited for a variety of shooting conditions and just a great all around grips.  The material is called G10 and it's one of the best materials for handgun grips and the only one that can provide this look. Its much tougher than wood or acrylic... it won't absorb moisture and doesn't scratch very easy. The material is tough as nails and will last normal shooters a lifetime. 

  • Tailored to fit Springfield Armory EMP 4" & EMP 3" 1911 9mm or .40SW 

  • Now available for the EMP 4 Concealed Carry Contour Model (bobtail) 

  • Choose a Bottom Cut - Standard Bobtail or Magwell 

  • G10 Material - Tactical Eclipse Textured Design - American Made 

  • Ambi Notch Standard - CNC Machined - Fully De-horned

Midnight Black Tactical Eclipse

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$43.96Sale Price