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Introducing the T.Kell MercenaryThe blade has been through a heat treatment process that makes the 80CRV2 steel preform lightyears beyond what has been previously known in the industry. It features The 5.5" long. 1.375" wide spear point blade features a false reverse edge that makes piercing a breeze. It has an integrated dual purpose choil that not only aides in sharpening but doubles as a finger well for a choked-up grip when you need agility and speed from your blade for up close blade work. Whether you have wet bare hands or need heavy gloves you will find that our famed ergonomic contoured handle, the integral guard, and heavy jimmping are perfectly shaped and placed to keep your hands exactly where they belong, on the handle and off the blade. The T. Kell Grenade Grips are not for appearance (although they look incredible), they were designed for maximum grip, contoured to prevent “hot-spots” and angled to pull the blade into your hands. The blade feels light and fast while it is a full tang thick steeled beast up for any challenge you can throw at it. When you pick up the Mercenary, you will know it was designed and built to go to work.


The innovations don't stop with the Blade. We took extra time to create a sheath that preforms beyond any other and addresses issues that others have failed to take on. We slimed the sheath down as much as possible to reduce the real estate taken by the sheath and used thicker .080 Kydex for rigidity. Whether on your plate carrier or belt line the sheath takes up minimal area compared to any other sheath on the market. We integrated a jimmped thump ramp to aide in one handed removal the blade without having to jerk it from the sheath, this also reduces fumbling with complicated locks or snaps like other sheaths have and gives a tactile spot that you can feel blind if your in the dark or need to keep your eyes forward. There is a slide-lock integrated into the sheath to lock your blade in to prevent disarming or falling out when the blade is inverted on your gear or on a jump. Simply slide the lock up to lock or down for standard retention. It features a knurled knob for easy one handed operation. The sheath also features a drain hole for water and dust, and has spacing and rivets for common after market clips and tie off points for 550 cord lashing. 


Other Highlights

57 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics

What you get from our blades because of this.

    • Substantial increase in wear resistance, toughness, edge retention and overall tool life

    • Transformation of retained austenite to hard and stable martensite

    • Formation of additional fine carbide particles within steel microstructure

    • Maintains hardness characteristics for resharpening

    • Has the ability to double blade use life and reduce stress-related failures


Nickle Boron T1C Plated with Recon Distressed finish (80+ HRC)

The science: NiB T1C® is a trade secret proprietary electroless nickel boron, nickel phosphorus plating system that is comprised of boron, nickel, phosphorus and other metals which produce an extremely hard, wear resistant, corrosion resistant surface with a very low coefficient of friction.

• HARDNESS: 80+HRC NiB T1C® produces a surface that is harder than competing processes

• LUBRICITY: .30 Low static coefficient of friction without lubrication on plated Tool Steel: .12 Low Static Coefficient without Lubrication on Polished Tool Steel. NIB parts can run lubrication free, reducing the maintenance without sacrificing reliability, cleaning, care

• DURABILITY: More than twice the wear resistance of hard chrome and four times the wear resistance of just electroless nickel phosphorus

Mercenary with Brimstone G10 Scales & Kydex Sheath

    • Brimstone G10 Scale Finish
    • 80CRV2 Steel
    • .165 Thickness
    • 57 HRC with Dual Temper and Deep Cryogenics*
    • Nickle Boron T1C Plated with Recon Distressed finish (80+ HRC)*
    • 5.5 inches Blade length
    • 1.30 inches Blade Width
    • 5.0 inches Handle
    • 10.875 inches OAL
    • Slim-line Ambidextrous Kydex sheath with Horizontal belt clip included
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