Dueling Tree 22LR AR500 Plate

  • Dueling tree has six 1/4" AR500 steel heavy duty flipper plates that swing from side to side when the targets are hit. This unique design uses gravity and inertia to dampen the paddles while also redirecting shots into the ground. There are no springs to break and construction is heavy duty to say the least! Creating a maintenance free system allowing users to compete against friends or plink around without having to reset targets. All parts are CNC cut for precision. Shooting trees increase response time and shooter coordination.




    • Perfect for pistol shooting


    • Great system for testing you skill and accuracy


    • Designed for .22 rimfire ammunition


    • Heavy duty construction


    • Recommended shooting distance: 7+ yards


    • 1/4" AR500 Armor Steel 


    • Made in the USA with USA steel


    • "Do-It-Yourself" Assembly requiring only a hammer - no welding required - assembles in about 1 minute


    • Dimensions: 40” H x 14” W


    Complete with:


    • (6) 4” Diameter Paddles


    • (1) Stable Base: 36" x 24'


    • (1) Tree 40" Tall