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Our Cyborg 2 Grips incorporate both form and function to give your pistol a futuristic look that can’t be found anywhere else! Machined from solid G10 the texture is provided from both raised and lowered surfaces cut along the 3D shape of traditional grips. The back-strap of the grips is slightly raised in comparison to the front strap. While the top portion of the grips is cut at traditional 1911 width, so it will work with extended safeties, ambi safeties and extended slide stops. The bottom portion is cut slightly wider and in effect provides a “Baer Fit”. Together these subtle features shift the balance dynamics slightly to the rear; for the next evolution in the way a 1911 should feel. The multilayer machining approach creates a grip that looks amazing in low light conditions and comes standard with one of the largest thumb notches in the industry.  

Whether you keep your pistol on night stand, conceal carry or shoot competition these are one of the best all-around grips on the market.    


  • Works with all Mil-Spec 1911’s 
  • Designed to be Snag Free 
  • Mild Texture 
  • Futuristic Look  
  • Great in Low Light Conditions 
  • Rear Shifted Balance Dynamic  
  • Smooth Front Strap 
  • Oversized Magazine Release 
  • Smooth Front Strap


Frame Sizes: 1911 Full Size - All mill spec 1911's with roughly 3 1/16" between bolts (Colts, Kimbers, RIA, Remington, Smith and Wesson, and many others)  


Thickness -Standard - .270" works well for most people


Bottom Cuts: Standard Bevel - Most people need this option.... Has a 30 degree taper and a notch for the MSP, Magwell - If your gun has a magwell you probably want this option, straight 90 cut on the bottom with a covered MSP. Other Bottoms Cuts Bobtail - you probably have an Ed Brown or Dan Wesson, bottom corner of the grip is cut off and beveled OR Round Butt - The bottom corner of the grip is rounded for guns like Sig Nightmare, S&W E-Series, Kimber Super Carry Pro.  


Cyborg II

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