Complete with 2 six foot long mounting straps - Can be mounted under your tree stand - Produces realistic antler rattling - Lightweight and easy to install and use - Use with a ground blind, on your hip or from a tree stand - Made in USA
The Antler Action Remote Rattle can be mounted under your tree stand or at a distance away from your hunting location. It produces realistic antler rattling that won't give your position away. The antler action remote rattle can produce a variety of sounds from loud clashes to light clicks by changing the speed and length of the pulls of the control line.  Made of sturdy plastic composite the rattle is lightweight and easy to install and use. If you are using the rattle at a distance from your hunting site we recommend using our Antler Action Pivot Straps to get the control line up and back to your stand or blind. You will usually need one pivot strap for use with a tree stand and two for a ground blind. Made in USA.

Antler Action Remote Rattle Deer Caller Hunter Green