About Us

The popular question is always, “What does ARTHOS mean?” Well, our name is actually an acronym for “The ART of HUNTING, OUTDOORS & SURVIVAL”. Here at ARTHOS Knives, we are not only about looks, we place great importance on the ergonomics and function of our designs.

ARTHOS Knives is the result of a Quality Engineer by day teaming up with Stoner CNC, one of the best aftermarket G10 grip and kydex sheath suppliers in the country. The moment you hold our knife I believe you will agree. Our blades go through a thorough inspection upon receipt which includes chemical composition testing and hardness testing. We are committed to offering you a world class knife at a competitive price



Q: What is D2 Tool Steel?

A: D2 Steel became popular in manufacturing around the World War II era. It is still widely used today in tooling and dies which are used for  forming / stamping other metals. It’s chemistry gives it an ability to harden in the lower 60’s HRC and form chromium carbides that give it’s superior wear resistance. The combination of its wear resistance properties, hardness, and corrosion resistance make it a great match for a survival / hunting knife.

Q: What is G10?

A: In short, it is expoxy resin and fiberglass. It’s pattern is created when its’ different colored layers are machined away. It is also very durable and won’t crack like wood. It’s unique coloring, resistance to chemical attack, and durability make it a perfect material for knife grips.

Q: Will my knife rust?

A: While D2 can rust it’s 11-12% chromium gives it  stainless-like properties and is often referred to as a semi-stainless steel. Our black coating gives an added layer protection if you plan on spending a lot of time in wet environments.

Q: How do I sharpen my knife?

A: D2 can be difficult to sharpen when you don’t have the proper tools. We recommend a good diamond stone to be used to sharpen.